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Namecoin forum and wiki downtime

The forum and wiki on have been taken offline in response to the OpenSSL vulnerability discovered recently. No timeframe has been announced, but in the interest of security it will remain offline until the server has been properly updated and secured. This bug was not exploited and no malicious access has been detected, this is a precautionary measure only. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

You can learn more about the vulnerability, nicknamed the heartbleed bug, on wikipedia.

Update 10 April 2014: The forum and wiki have been patched against this flaw in OpenSSL and are now both back online.

FreeSpeechMe: The Anti-Censorship Anti-Hijacking Open-Source Dot-Bit Plug-in

FreeSpeechMe is a free open-source plug-in for Firefox that allows you to effortlessly view Dot-Bit websites. A fundraiser is in progress at indiegogo to further the development of the firefox addon, you can contribute to FreeSpeechMe here. Contributions will also be used to help other namecoin related projects, for more info visit the indiegogo campaign.

There is already working beta versions of the FreeSpeechMe open-source plug in for Windows and Linux. You can start using them today. They are ready to install on the FreeSpeechMe website at: There are also tutorials available there to register and start your own .bit website.

An ode to Namecoin

Forget the Florin
Get rid of your Rupee
If you’ve got a yen for a Yen
To be Franc, you’ll be sorry…..

Drachma, Lira, Dinar, Dime
Their value changes over time
Peso, Shekel, Krona, Rand
They’re all a little bit old-hand

How annoying to use
Is a money pouch?
So easy to lose,
Down the back of the couch.

It’s time to move on
Step into the future
Like James T Kirk
….But considerably cuter

Bitcoin was decentralised
Like government…. but far more wise.
A currency you can’t shut down
And now, there’s a new coin in town.
different but kind of the same
That wants to join
To coin a name –
it’s called Namecoin.

“So the coin’s name is Namecoin?”
I didn’t ask for questions yet.
Yes, the coin’s name is Namecoin
At least it’s hard to forget.

The main thing to remember next
Is the Internet doesn’t run on text
but numbers – an IP address
queried using DNS


(deep breath)

Paying people virtually….
While Bitcoin uses P2P
To continuously validate currency
Namecoin relies on the same theory
Of mathematical cryptography
But to make na-vi-ga-tion easy
This clever crypto currency
Lets TLD authorities
Allow third party companies
To query DNS …. you see?
An acceptable allegory
To help you under stand (like me)
Was suggested by the dot-bit wiki
As like buying 2 tickets to the lottery
To increase the odds of victory!
The Namecoin system effectively
Uses the Domain registry
A service you can pay in NMC
(Subject to a minor fee)
If we don’t abuse this technology
It gives us the capability
To literally, digitally
end censorship permanently.
And that’s something you must agree

….Would be great.

(pause for applause)

With a bit of luck and a lucky .bit
This could put an end to censorship
Namecoin! It’s shiny & new & clean.
Bitcoin was SO twenty thirteen.

Written by award winning poet Jim Templeton, whose work is published in the book Jelhead


Critical flaw found in namecoin

A critical flaw was discovered in the namecoin protocal, specifically the way in which updates are checked.

This bug was found by Michael Gronager, the CEO from Kraken bitcoin exchange while he was working on implementing Namecoin into their exchange system.

The gist of the bug is that anyone can essentially update and take ownership of any domain they wish, although this has not happened yet (by anyone malicious). A fix is in the works, and updates are being made available.

More on this can be read here on the dot-bit forum.